Netstreet Telecom is now Geometic

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It is the beginning of a new chapter in Netstreet Telecom’s life: from now on, we are Geometic.

For six years, Netstreet Telecom has had a single focus: to keep you connected. We’ve built up the framework, the client care, and the important instruments to help our clients as they build their websites — and businesses. It’s presently an ideal opportunity for us to extend somewhat further.

The reason we’ve changed our name

You know us as Netstreet Telecom. And we’ve been helping businesses with their online presence and communications under that name for 6 years.

When we started back in 2014, that name was a perfect fit. We helped businesses with their telecommunications needs.

Simple, right?

But since then, we’ve become so much more than just Telecoms! We’ve partnered with Verificient started working with companies like AWS, Microsoft, and more.

Why Geometic?

The name Geometic (pronounced jee·oh·meh·tik) was derived from the word Geometric. We believe that our new name represents who we are and will also allow us to expand in our service offering. Our logo was inspired by an American science fiction action films Transformers.

Please be aware of the new email addresses you can contact us on:

for example, [email protected] replaces [email protected] And note that your invoice will now say ‘Geometic’ instead of ‘Netstreet Telecom’. Our bank account number remains the same, so please be extra vigilant of phishing scams during this period of change.

We’re excited about our ongoing journey and our mission remains: Stay Connected.